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Jackie Griffeth

“I am a certified, wholistic, health and life coach and I help people Up-level their lives, especially when they feel stuck or are in a state of inaction, so they can reach the next best version of themselves, while being balanced in all areas of life.”

What are my values?

I have EPIC values:

*Excellence – I strive for excellence in everything. I have great attention to detail & organization & I use that to my advantage. I love to learn & grow & become a better facilitator with those I connect with.

*Progress – I encourage the acknowledgement of progress in my clients. I believe we should all acknowledge all the small steps & decisions that lead us to our big goals being reached. This is significant for providing support & accountability for overcoming challenges & moving towards your best version.

*Integrity – I keep my commitments & promises. I adhere to my standards & ethics. I always act in the best interest of my clients & their goals. I seek out honest & transparent relationships. I reflect often on my actions & behaviors to ensure alignment with my values. I aim to give my best self consistently.

*Connectedness – I love to find new connections & kindle old connections through experience, interest & curiosity. I believe connectedness is crucial for trust & rapport with other people & also helps me feel like I belong.

How long is each program?   

Currently I am offering a 90-day health and/or life coaching program, which is 1 session per week for 12 weeks.  I am always thinking of more & better ways to serve my clients, so stay connected for updates!


Why hire me as your coach?

I am a good listener & I will hold space for you to be your true authentic self. I respect each client & what they’ve been through. I cater to each client’s needs & I know they are more than capable of changing habits & mindsets. I always welcome feedback to better improve my programs. I am resilient & I love to learn & change things for a better experience. YOU ARE MY PRIORITY. I promise, if you are willing to put in some work, you will experience transformation & I will be honored to be a part of it.

Client Testimonials

Jackie the Great

Jackie has been great! Every week she walks me through very well-thought-out concepts and strategies for helping me achieve my health goals in ways that are meaningful to me. She also asks plenty of qualifying questions, sometimes to tailor content to my needs and preferences, and other times to lead me to ideas using the Socratic method. Through all of this I can attest that I am definitely developing better awareness and habits that will carry me forward on my health journey long after Jackie and I complete our sessions!

Joshua M.

Jackie knows

Before coaching with Jackie, I struggled with prioritizing self-care. I would put everyone and everything else first, which would leave be completely drained, exhausted, demotivated, and frustrated. Then Jackie taught me to clarify my goals and motivating factors. Jackie helped me discover that by making space in my schedule to rest, eat mindfully, and get out in nature I’m not acting selfishly, but am able to give people in my life a better version of myself because I am rejuvenated, energized, and happier.

Mary H.

Jackie can’t stop helping

Jackie created a problem for us to work on so that the practice was more meaningful and purposeful. I wasn’t in the best of head spaces tonight, but Jackie turned things around and made it a successful practice session.

Kim M.

Jackie is still the best

Jackie is so honest and thorough in her work. I feel she is very committed to being the best coach that she can be. She is very passionate about making a difference in the world.

Kim M.

Jackie for Life Coach

Jackie is professional. I appreciate her calm demeanor and her ability to keep us on track. Jackie is always on time and organized for our meetings. I enjoy her sense of humor and kindness. She does a great job of staying on task and ensuring she shares all the material with me. She is quick to notice the wins and offers a shout-out. I find this so encouraging and I really appreciate it. I highly recommend Jackie as a Health and Life Coach as she really cares about her client’s success. Thank you for all your work, Jackie!!

Kim M.

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